Surveying Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to learn about measurement of distances, angles, reduced levels and setting out works. The experiments include determination of distances using chain and tape, reduced levels and contours using level, bearing of lines using compass, horizontal and vertical angles using theodolite and graphical method using plane table. Use of modern equipment like total station will be demonstrated. This laboratory course will help the students to understand the theoretical concepts learned in the course surveying.

List of equipments available:

Metric Chain (a) 20m (b) 30m
Metallic Tape (a) 30m (b) 15m
Steel Tape – 30m
Ranging Rods – 2m & 3m
Offset Rod – 3m & 4m
Optical Square
Prism Square
Line Ranger
Prismatic compass with tripod stand
Plumb- bob (brass)
Plane table with tripod stand
Trough Compass
Alidade with scale (Brass)/Electronic Alidade
Sprit level
Dumpy level with tripod stand
Auto Level
Levelling Staff
Transit Theodolite
Electronic Theodolite
Total Station with all Accessories
Total Station