Committee Members IQAC

SL. No. Name Designation Position
1. Dr. Dipankar Sarkar Principal Chairman (Ex-Officio)
2. Mr. Abhishek Saha Assistant Professor Coordinator
3. Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Registrar (Acting) Member (SAO)
4. Mr. Samir Bandyopadhyay L.B.S & E.S.E Nominee from Management
5. Mr. Ajay Kumar Dani Director, A R System Nominee from Industry
6. Dr. Manasi Das Associate Professor (ECE) Member
7. Mr. Pratik Sarkar Assistant Professor (EE) Member
8. Mr. Dhritiman Mondal Assistant Professor (CE) Member
9. Mr. Sandip Bose Assistant Professor (CSE) Member
10. Dr. Abhijit Bhowmik Assistant Professor (ME) Member
11. Mr. Saurav Ghosh Assistant Professor (ECE) Member
12. Mr. Tuhin Kumar Saha Alumni Member from Student Alumni

DIT Recruiters

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