-Imparting basic knowledge as to how different raw materials are converted into the useful



-Imparting knowledge of Safety Precautions to be observed in workshop.


-Imparting vocational skill to build confidence of manufacturing engineering components using

different machine tools & equipment.


-Imparting basic knowledge of electrical and electronic related to the machines and equipment

used in mechanical engineering.


-Imparting basic knowledge of plastic mould and production of plastic mould components.





  • Pattern making; pattern material, pattern allowances and types of patterns.
  • Mould making practice: uses of moulding tools: green sand moulding, gating system, risering system, core making.
  • Making a typical product using sheet metal.
  • Basic Forging processes like upsetting, drawing down and forge welding.
  • Practicing Resistance Spot Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Gas Welding.
  • Machining of typical products involving lathe, milling/shaping operations and finishing process(es) Machining of gears.

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