Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics Machine Laboratory


-To learn how different types of equipment are needed to measure in different parameters of fluid flow.

-To learn different characteristics of fluid when flowing in different manners.

-To learn how different parameters of fluid flow are to be obtained and controlled.

-To learn how different characteristics of fluid flow are to be measured.

-To learn  how a database of fluid flow is to be made and suggestions for the improvement of the design of equipment to enhance the efficiency.


  • Fluid flow measurements: Determining coefficient of discharge for venturimeter, orificemeter, weirs.
  • Experiment to verify Bernouli’s theorem.
  • Flow through pipes: Reynold’s experiments; Pipe friction in laminar and turbulent flow regimes.Pitot tube experiments on viscous flow and boundary layer theory.
  • Determination of metacentric height of a floating vessel.
  • Experiments on Fluid Machinery : Pumps, Jet pumps, Blowers, Compressors.
  • Experiments on Hydro-Turbines: Francis and Pelton turbines.

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