• To impart knowledge of design and analysis of the mechanism for the specified type of motion in a machine.
  • To understand the rigid body motions and force for the transmission systems, machine kinematics, and dynamics.
  • Demonstration exercise is provided with a wide variety of transmission elements model to understand machine kinematics.
  • Various experiments with governor, gyroscope, balancing machine and universal vibration facilities are available to understand the machine dynamics.


  • Studying and designing different mechanisms for performing specific tasks in a machine tool, and for common engineering applications.
  • Studying vibratory systems of single and more than one degree of freedom in linear and rotary systems;
  • Static and dynamic balancing of rotating masses;
  • Balancing of reciprocating masses;
  • Experiments on working of the governor, operation, and analysis.
  • Experiments on working of gyroscope, operation, and analysis.
  • Designing cam and Studying operation of cams and its analysis.

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