Internet Technology Lab


  • To create a fully functional website .
  • To develop an  e-magazine for our college where we can publish our write-ups.


After Successful completion of the course the students will able to

CO1 Students will able to design web pages for a  web site.


CO2 Students will gain knowledge of storing and transforming information through web and create a simple application.

CO3: Student will be able to use effectively, client-side technologies (XHTML, CSS, forms and JavaScripts) & validate the user using javascript and to apply different styles to web pages by CSS

CO4: Students can develop interactive web pages on the internet using PERL.

  1. Prerequisites:


  • Knowledge of Computer Networks
  • Knowledge of object oriented programming
  • Knowledge of C &  JAVA programming language
  • Knowledge of SQL




  • Web Technology: A Developer’s Perspective, N.P. Gopalan and J. Akilandeswari, PHI Learning, Delhi
  • Internetworking Technologies, An Engineering Perspective, Rahul Banerjee, PHI Learning, Delhi
  • A. Forouzan – “Data Communications and Networking (3rd Ed.) “ – TMH
  • S. Tanenbaum – “Computer Networks (4th Ed.)” – Pearson Education/PHI




 Hardware and Software requirements


  • Computer Systems  : 60/30
  • RAM                                                  : 1 GB
  • HARD DISK : 160 GB


  • gcc compiler(Build-In Linux)
  • A Web Browser either IE or Firefox.
  • XML editor like Xml-spy.
  • A data base either Mysql or Oracle.
  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • Strawberry Perl is a perl environment for MS Windows

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