Institutional Academic Committee

The Members of

Sl. No. Name Designation  Position
1 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mukherjee Professor (CSE) and HOD, CSE Convener
2 Mr. Pratik Sarkar Asst. Professor (EE) Member
3 Mr. Abhishek Saha Asst. Professor (ECE) Member
4 Mr. Santosh Das Asst. Professor (CSE) Member
5 Dr. N.C. Das Professor and HOD (ME) Member
6 Mr. Dhritiman Mondal Asst. Professor (CE) Member
7 Dr. Partha Pratim Kundu Asst. Professor (PHY) Member
8 Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Asst. Professor (HU) Member

Functional Area:

Monitoring and evaluation of
• All academic activities of the Institution.
• University and Regulatory Body (AICTE, UGC) affairs
• Preparation and sending of periodical (monthly/quarterly/annual) reports to the BOG.
• Revision of curriculum, restructuring of course etc.
• Introduction of new course.
• Faculty & Staff Dev. Planning and implementation
• Conduction of institutional events (Conference/Workshop/Symposium/Seminar).
• Matters relating to establishment of new labs for new and existing programs, faculty research etc.
• Matters relating to modernization and strengthening of libraries, Learning Resources (LRs).
• Teaching and Research fund allocation (procurement /maintenance)to various programs.
• Academic/Quality Audit matters.
• Implementation of Institutional Academic/Non-academic reforms.
• Selection of thrust areas in teaching/research and implementation.
• Interaction with industries.

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