Examination Committee

Sl. No. Name


Designation Position
1 Mr. Sandip Bose Asst. Professor (CSE) OIC
2 Mr. Prithick Saha Asst. Professor (ECE) Assistant OIC
3 Ms. Sharmistha Roy Asst. Professor (ECE) Member
4 Ms. Debolina Roy Choudhury Asst.  Professor (ECE) Member
5 Mr. Sourav Dutta TA (ECE) Member
6 Mr. Soumajit  Shaw TA (EE) Member

• To take all responsibility/ accountability linked to conduction of the examination, evaluation / assessment
• To strictly adhere to the confidentiality norms linked to examination process
• To keep close liaison with University related to conduction of the examination process and validation checking (collecting question papers of all codes in time).
• To take care of all related issues proactively (viz. examination form-fill up, exam fee collection etc)
• To deal completely with matter related to tabulation, paper setting, conduction of examination, invigilation duty, script evaluation and result publication (in house programs)
• To provide examination conduction guideline to all stakeholders (tabulators/invigilators/ paper setters/ evaluators) after getting approval of the higher authority (Head of the Institution)
• To keep close liaison with University regarding publication of the results of affiliated programs
• To focus on Institutional revenue generated (IRG) by hosting external examinations (viz. SSC, Co-cube, TCS test etc..) as directed by the authority from time to time.
• To enforce disciplinary norms as directed by the Authority on violation of any exam related norms/ rules / regulations for all concerned.
• To strictly enforce punctuality (no invigilators can be absent on exam days unless approved and extreme emergency) and commitment (evaluated scripts must be returned by the examiner within deadline)
• To make an introspective assessment of the conducted process for betterment / improvement on the next round

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