Website Committee

Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1 Mr. Santosh Das Asst. Professor (CSE) Convener
2 Ms . Maitrayee Ganguly Asst. Professor (CSE) Member
3 Mr. Sayan Majumdar Asst. Professor (CSE)  Member
4 Mr. Tanmoy Rakshit Asst. Professor (CSE) Member
5 Mr. Ujjal Majhi Asst. Professor (ECE) Member
6 Ms. Anwesha Halder Asst. Professor (ECE) Member

Broad functions:
• To design website in the line of thoughts of the Institution.
• To disseminate properly the Vision, Mission and Objective and all the mandatory disclosure.
• Must get approval of the Higher Authority before uploading any information (institutional / individual linked to institution) to public domain.
• To ensure in time uploading of all emergent documents (viz. Exam Notice, Holiday Notice, Semester routine..)
• To act proactively by approaching to Authority instead of waiting for the instruction about key issues.
• To make a comparative studies with lead Universities / institutions website and design effective interface.
• To be clinical about catchy interface to expedite admissions of next generation of learners.
• To customize computer or any other ubiquitous device (viz. Smartphone) interface of the website.
• To make sure accessibility of institutional website round the clock.
• To make strong correspondence with all departments/ sections for regular and timely updating of website.