Research and Development Cell

Sl.No.      Name Designation Position
1 Dr Abhijeet Mazumdar Professor, Member, GB Chairman
2 Dr. Alok Kanti Deb Professor, EE, IIT, KGP Convenor
3 Dr. Samik Chakraborty Professor, ECE Advisor
4 Dr. Sangita Chowdhary Professor, CE Advisor (Jt.)
5 Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Asst Professor (HU) Member
6 Mr. Amit Ghosh Asst Professor (ECE) Member

The main objective of the Research and Development Cell

The main objective of the Research and Development Cell is to encourage continuing education program (M.Phil, Ph.D., Post –doc)

  1. > Uttiya Sarkar will convene the R&D sub committee
  2. > Uttiya Sarkar will convene the FSD sub Committee (STTP, FDP, Workshop, Symposium, Seminar, Conference)
  3. > Both the Sub-Committees will consist of all members.


Broad functions:
• To frame a institutional policy for research projects, publications, IPR extended up to product commercialization
• To keep track of announcements of project proposals by various funding agencies (viz. AICTE, UGC, DST, DBT, CSIR etc..).
• The Committee will prepare the action budget plan/ implementation plan of innovation/ incubation centre
• The Committee will set up Research Centre / Centre of Excellence
• The Committee has to initiate Research methodology Program
• To archive all scheme documents (project proposals, accepted proposal, grant-in –aid, annual progress report, data audit, performance audit, statutory audit, utilization certificate, project completion report etc..).
• The Committee will set up an expert team to check the merit of a proposal before final submission to minimize proposal rejection under the guidance of the Principal.
• To support Principal Investigator/ Co-Principal Investigator/ Project Coordinator in successful accomplishment of a project proposal.
• The Committee will search for newer ideas and keep a close tandem with syllabus Committee.
• The Committee will be instrumental in hosting any FSD / R&D event in the Institution
• To take full accountability and responsibility of Faculty and Staff Development (FSD).
• To prepare a work-plan / action budget plan for FSD STTP, FDP, workshop, conference, symposium, seminar, Conference)
• The committee will be accountable for self-growth and team growth.
• To circulate the announcement and receive proposal from various departments in time.
• To prepare an annual report on progress in Research and Development in the Institution.
• To be accountable for Institutional revenue generated (IRG) through various grants.
• To take all R&D related issues including the proposals received from university and Regulatory Bodies
• To prepare all proceedings/legal including intellectual property