Message from board

Chairman’s Message

For the reader let me tender my apology at the outset if in course of writing this column any sort of prejudice engulfs my ideas and expression in any way. My 50 years long experience in handling the research & development equipment in reputed engineering colleges in different corners of this country helped me to gather energy and fuel to go ahead in setting up this institute. Now let us cast a look to its genesis. Dream Institute of Technology in its reality ever craved to bear a torch with a vision to be bloomed as a research-oriented institute to provide quality education, not mere an institute to produce typical engineers alone. Being an engineer, myself, my journey of life has taught me ever that a potential engineer should not alone be meant for the sole mission for making money, but must be worthy of indigenous exposition in every field and sphere of life.

Besides, the regular curriculum of study, the zeal for research work can alone shape it desirable. My advice to students to be a part of the competitive world they should acquire the requisite skills and traits and harness the opportunities available to them. If the students brood the passion to achieve something in their own careers, that will be instrumental in changing not only their own lives but also, in the long run, the fate of the nation. Dream Institute of Technology, in course of its journey ahead, like life itself has experienced that it is not at all a bed of roses.

Ups and downs have come and will come in the future- but those ordeals we have to overcome with our strong determination. Today “ Dream Institute of Technology “ does need co-operation from all ends and must welcome good wishes from all concerns to ultimately become a model institute in the state and in the country in a true sense and our mantra of success should be sincerity, discipline, dedication, commitment, and honesty. So let us get hands together to keep our dream remain dynamic. Let us all strive to fulfill the mission of grooming global engineers.


Knowledge revolution has begun. India is a fast emerging destination for cutting-edge research & development. In the year 2020 India needs large talent pool not only in information technology. BPO but also in another field like nanotechnology, agriculture science, manufacturing, semiconductors, etc. Space science, medical, aeronautics, biotechnology, telecom, etc. Our students must be equipped to meet these challenges. Then only India can become a developed nation in the year 2020. Excellence in maths & science is essential not only to student’s success but to our nation’s ability to compete globally. “dream institute of Technology” is one of the pioneer institutions in West Bengal as well as in India in the field of engineering education. Within a short span of time, it has established its name by imparting high-quality professional education, developing personality and leadership attitude as a part of commendable measures to attract major recruiters like TCS, Capgemini, l & T Infotech, Infosys, Reliance, Accenture, Wipro- spectra mind, Satyam Computers, Cognizant, etc to name just a few.

We have well-equipped computers labs as well as a central computer center and departmental labs to equip students in future as a quality engineer not only in his core sector but also in the field of software engineering. We have also a well-equipped workshop and a big central library. The college aims to impart vocational training to the individual student in the relevant domain into different core sector industries for presenting him to the industries as an employable manpower.

From a modest beginning in July 2006, the Dream Institute of Technology made a pledge to:

create the ideal environment for young, fresh, talents, to realize and optimize their potentials, Attain educational standards that other shall envy, and be creative and agile in their quest for knowledge, inherit age-less values and ignite timeless minds so that the engineers to be are aimed not only with mere diplomas but also forfeited with an unparalleled strength to take matters head-on redefine their world. develop a symbiotic relationship between the community, the society, and the institution. Build synergies and seamless interface between industries and institution. Which shall mutually benefit from this association?
Expand student horizons and infuse a global perspective into their thought process. Inspired by the government decision to encourage private initiative in the field of higher technical education, A group of philanthropic entrepreneurs based at Kolkata established Dream Institute of Technology at a sylvan corner of the city on July 2006. The dream bud of that day has blossomed into one of the few such premier institutions of technology, within a short span of time. Today, with sprawling college buildings, updated laboratories, well-equipped workshops, ever-growing library, a modern refreshment center and to cap them all a rare conglomeration of highly qualified and experienced faculty. The team at the helm of affairs here firmly believes that ‘quality’ is the one and only magic word that is essential for our survival and growth in this ever-widening competitive scenario. At the same time, we also believe that ‘quest for quality’ is a never-ending process. The more one attains quality parameters, the more widens the demand for the same. Whatever shortcomings we may have today, we are at work in unison to ensure a tremendous value addition among our students during their four years’ of stay with us. At the same time, we are also confident to ensure that the alumni of our college always feel proud of their institution of choice in the days ahead of us.

Registrar’s Message

The pace of technology is awfully fast. Every day new applications are emerging. The biggest challenge before the engineering colleges is to cope up with the pace of technology. Our dream institute of technology aims at building a strong technical base for each student. There are a number of engineering colleges spread all over India under various technical universities and each university has its own curriculum. We in Dream Institute of Technology tried to impart additional knowledge to students besides their regular curriculum. This will surely help to develop the broad technical outlook of the students to compete with another student in the professional field.
My advice to the faculties would be to encourage better contact between students and faculties, develop reciprocity and cooperation among students, encourage active (not passive) learning and give each one prompt feedback. For my dear students, my advice is instead of just restricting themselves to classroom lectures utilize practical experience by doing research in the laboratory or library or on the web, beyond the classroom. The true test of effective learning lies in accurately remembering the information learned, recalling them at the right point of time later and utilize them effectively in a wide variety of situations that may come one’s way.
My last advice to them that they should attend their classes in the college regularly, so that they may build up the habit of attending the workplaces punctually. Besides knowledge, discipline is very much essential for every individual to succeed professionally. We in our institute try to maintain discipline on a priority basis within the college campus. Every student in our institute is made to understand that there can be no short cut to success. I feel privileged to be a part of this institution and hope to unleash the intellectual energies of all our students with the support of the faculty members of our institute.