• To learn how actual mechanical properties of different material with magnitude which are used in the engineering for different purpose.
  • To detect different types of flaw occurring during the manufacturing of product.
  • To learn use of different machines and equipment to improve the mechanical properties of different material and testing of the same for its correctness.
  • To build confidence through hands on experiment and analyzing the experimental data for selection of materials for the purpose of design.


  • Impact tests: Charpy and Izod tests.
  • Test for drawability of sheet metals through cupping test.
  • Fatigue test of a typical sample.
  • Sample preparation and etching of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys for metallographic observation;
  • Experiments on heat treatment of carbon steels under different rates of cooling including quenching,and testing for the change in hardness and observing its microstructural changes through metallographic studies.
  • Observation of presence of surface/ sub-surface cracks using different non-destructive techniques, such as dye penetration (DP)test, magnaflux test, ultrasonic or eddy current test.