Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The laboratory is a basic model which acquires the understanding of fluid properties, fluid characteristics and calibrate the instruments based on Bernoulli’s theorem. This is a common laboratory for both Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles like Reynold’s number, frictional losses etc.

List of equipments available:

1. Piezometer
2. Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge
3. Venturimeter
4. Bernoull’s Apparatus with all accessories
5. Manometer
6. Pitot tube
7. Metacentric Height Apparatus with slotted weight and tank
8. Pipe friction apparatus with all accessories 09 Stop watch
9. Notches with tank (5’x3’x1′) (a) Rectangular (b) Triangular (i) 300 (ii) 450 (c) Trapezoidal
10. Pumps (a) Single Acting pump (b) Reciprocating pump
11. Reynold’s apparatus
12. Turbines (a) Pelton wheel (b) Francis