Concrete Technology laboratory

The objective of concrete laboratory is to determine the physical properties of building construction materials like cement, fine and coarse aggregate and strength characteristics of cement mortar, plain cement concrete and reinforced cement concrete. The tests include determination of specific gravity, fineness, normal consistency, setting times, workability and soundness of cement, fineness modulus of fine and coarse aggregate, strength of cement mortar, cement concrete, bending and flexural strength on concrete and non destructive test on concrete. The students can design the mix, make the specimens and test the same for the strength for comparison with design strength. This laboratory course will help the students to understand the theoretical concepts learned in the course building materials. The laboratory serves a wide spectrum of activities covering those related to teaching, research, development and consultancy.

List of Equipments available:

1. Spirit Level
2. Electronic Balance
3. Vicat Apparatus Test device with all accessories
4. Le Chatelier’s Test device with all accessories
5. I.S. sieve set: I.S. Sieves 100 mm, 63 mm, 10 mm, 4.75 mm, 2mm, 1mm, 600u, 425u, 300u, 212u, 150u 75u sieves.
6. Slump Test device.
7. Standard Cube Moulds (a) For Cement Testing (b) For concrete Testing
8. Core cutting / drilling machine
9. Laboratory concrete mixers
10. Temperature control curing tanks
11. Workability testing of Self compacting concrete
12. Compression testing machine
13. Universal testing machine
14. Autoclave permeability
15. Concrete Mixer Machine
16. Digital rebound hammer