Computer Architecture Lab

Course Objectives:

  1. A student should grasp the basic concepts of computer architecture and organization, and understand the key skills of constructing cost-effective computer systems.
  2. A student should learn how to quantitatively evaluate different designs and organizations, and provide quantitative arguments in evaluating different designs.
  3. A student should be able to articulate design issues in the development of processor or other components that satisfy design requirements and objectives.
  4. To know about simulate digital circuit design using XLINX tool

Course Outcomes:

CO1:  Understand the merits and pitfalls in components of computer, Be familiar with the history and development of modern computers, Be familiar with the functional units of the processor, and know more about the hardware description language

CO2: Be familiar with the basic knowledge the design of digital logic circuits and apply to computer organization and Architecture

CO3: Master the binary and hexadecimal number systems including computer arithmetic and know about computer memory




  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Fundamentals of elementary formal logic; strategies to compare relative efficiency of algorithms
  • Digital system and computer design



  • Morris Mano: Computer System Architecture.
  • P Chakraborty: Computer Organization and Architecture.
  • Hennessey: Coputer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
  • Stallings William: Computer Organization and Architecture






Hardware and Software requirements


  • Computer Systems  : 60/30
  • RAM                                      : 1 GB
  • HARD DISK : 160 GB