Committees for Monitoring and Evaluation

Accreditation Committee responsible for NAAC, NBA, NIRF, AIIRA

Sl. No. Name Designation Position
1 Ms. Susmita Sarkar A.P. (EE) Advisor
2 Mr. Abhishek Saha Asst. Professor.(ECE),  & HOD Convenor
4 Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Asst. Professor.(HU) Member, AIIRA
5 Mr. Pratik Sarkar Asst. Professor (EE) Member, NIRF
6 Mr. Arnob Som Asst. Professor.(ECE) Member, NAAC
7 Mrs. Paramita Kundu Maji Asst. Professor. (CSE) Member, NAAC
8 Mr. Santosh Das Asst. Professor. (CSE) Member, NBA
9 Mr. Tanmoy Rakshit Asst. Professor. (CSE) Member, NBA

Broad functions:

• To prepare an institutional archive of information
• To avoid replication /duplication of works by using the above archive for filling up all statutory information related to the Institution.
• To take responsibilities of filling up all affiliation / approval related documentation format.
• To prepare Pre-qualifier and Self Appraisal Report (SAR) for NBA program accreditation as instructed by the Higher Authority
• To prepare National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) document.
• To prepare Self Study Report (SSR) of NAAC as instructed by the Higher Authority
• To fill-up ACTE and MAKAUT Extension of Approval / Affiliation (EoA) documents
• To take part in any other accreditation / affiliation work as desired by the Authority from time to time
• To incorporate the relevant stakeholders (Student, Faculty, Staff, Guardian, Alumni etc..) in the entire process in a participatory mode.
• To ensure originality in documentation i.e. it shouldn’t replicate other Institution /University.
• To be responsible for on-line submission and completion of procedures in all above
• To disseminate the information among relevant members and help them prepare prior to the accreditation visit.