• Making of mechanism and proving of Verignon’s theorem by taking actual measurement of moments.
  • To measure impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness and ductility.
  • To measure properties such as modulus of elasticity, yield strength, ultimate strength for the given materials.
  • To determine the coefficient of friction.
  • Determination of torsional rigidity of materials.


  • Verification of Verignon’s theorem
  • Determining spring stiffness under tension and compressive loads; Strain gauge based strain/ deflection/ force measurement of a cantilever beam
  • Tension Test and Compression Test of ductile and brittle materials: stress-strain diagram,
  • determination of yield strength,ultimate strength, modulus of elasticity, percentage elongation and percentage reduction in areas, observation of fractured surfaces;
  • Bend and rebend test of flat test pieces, determination of bending stresses;
  • Torsion Test;
  • Hardness Tests: Brinnel/ Vickers and Rockwell tests, Shore hardness test;
  • Experiments on friction: determination of coefficient of friction;
  • Experiments to observe speed ratios obtained using belt pulley and gears, and to evaluate torque and energy required.