Routine Committee

The Members of

Sl. No. Name


Designation Position
1 Mr. Abhishek Saha Asst. Professor (ECE) Convener
2 Mr. Pratik Sarkar Asst. Professor (EE) Member
3 Mrs.  Paramita Kundu Maji Asst. Professor (CSE) Member
4 Mr. Sourav Saha Asst. Professor (ME) Member
5 Mr. Wasim Molla Asst. Professor (CE ) Member
6 Mr. Utpalendu Mondal Asst. Professor (HU) Member
7 Dr.Partha Pratim Kundu Asst. Professor (PHY) Member
8 Mr. Sushobhan Roy Asst. Professor (CHEM) Member
9 Dr. Pijush Basak Professor (MATH) Member
10 Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Asst. Professor (HU) Member

• To file full curriculum of all programs including in _house (UG/PG/ Diploma) received from across the disciplines
• To formulate the routine just according to the curriculum following Institutional policy and AICTE regulation checking weekly contact hours/ credits
• To make sure that minimal prescribed load to the faculty members is assigned (At least 18 hours to the Assistant Professor, 14 hours to the Associate Professor and 10 hours to the Professor or more)
• To monitor inter-departmental coordination for mutli-disciplinary subjects in the routine (viz. ECE/EE papers in CSE program or CSE papers in ME/ECE program etc..)
• To accommodate elective subjects according to the policy of the Institution / Departments
• To ensure that routine of each and every section satisfy the statutory norms.
• To assure preparation circulation of routine well in advance before semester commencement
• To minimize changes in the routine after commencement of the program
• To allow temporary adjustment of classes only if directed by the higher Authority or recommended by HOD/ In Charge
• Make an introspective assessment of the conducted process for betterment / improvement on the next round

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