Appraisal Committee for Faculty and Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation Position
1 Ms. Susmita Sarkar AP (EE) Convener
2 Mr. Sanjay Kr. Mukherjee HOD, CSE Member
3 Mr. Abhishek saha HOD, ECE Member
4 Mr. Dhritiman Mondal HOD, CE Member
5 Dr. N.C. Das HOD, ME Member
6 Mr Pratik Sarkar HOD, EE Member
7 Dr. Partha Pratim Kundu HOD, BS & H Member
8 Mr A K Dani Industry External Expert
9 Dr Alok Kanti Deb Academia External Expert

Broad functions:

• To update /prepare appraisal format according to the needs of the Institution from time –to -time
• To update/ prepare the of appraisal format according to the regulatory body guidelines (common)
• To annex vertical-wise / program specific appraisal criterions (different for different category of staffs like admission / examination/ library etc.).
• To identify the appraisal parameters, to select the success criterion or benchmark, to determine the minimal qualifying criterion and determination of promotion / increment / prize / penalty of the performers / under performers.
• To maintain appraisal documents and identify trend through mining information from the appraisal docs.
• To scrutinize the above entire process for the future practice and to review the effectiveness of the appraisal systems
• To measure continuous improvements of Institutional performance through above appraisal systems.

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