Academic Audit Committee

Sl. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. N C Das Professor (ME) Member
2 Dr. Sangita Chowdhary Professor (CE) Member
3 Dr. Partha Pratim Kundu Asst. Professor (PHY) Member
4 Mr. Santosh Das Asst. Professor (CSE) Member
5 Mr. Abhishek Saha Asst. Professor (ECE) Member
6 Mr. Pratk Sarkar Asst. Professor (EE) Member
7 Mr. Uttiya Sarkar Asst. Professor, HU Member

• To prepare a benchmark / referral to regulatory body benchmark for quality assurance
• To perform audit according to above quality benchmark
• Must ensure equity and expression during the time of auditing and listen to all members of the department / sections.
• To audit quantitative compliance without influence (like attendance of the students , total no of classes conducted by a faculty attended the benchmark or not)
• Should function in a cross-departmental fashion (viz. CSE member in the Committee will lead the ECE audit and PHY member in CSE audit etc.)
• To check any qualitative compliance (viz. quality of delivery of a teacher in a particular subject topic inside a class) should ask for subject Experts to higher Authority
• However, can check pedagogical compliance of the Teacher through Institution Authority
• To check and review Course File of the faculty members
• To check and review Departmental files from time to time
• To follow up Laboratory calibration of heavy equipments and testing of Software with concern departments.

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